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Click here for the Forums Issues forum. The Forum Issues forum is for submitting bugs and discussing current Forum issues. Possible "answers" include solutions, getting the bug logged to the product team, and/or links to other threads that are tracking the bug/issue. If a bug is already a "Known Issue", then that is the answer, because that's what the forum does... It makes the support team aware of any new bugs.

We don’t guarantee fixes (it's just a bonus if we provide one). If you want an issue fixed, see the support solutions below.

To report Spam, click above for the Forums Issues forum and add a post to the thread at the top labeled "Report Spam Here #" (where # is a number).

If you are new user and get the message "Body text cannot contain images or links until we are able to verify your account", click above for the Forums Issues forum and add a post to the thread at the top labeled "Verify Your Account #" (where # is a number) requesting that your account be verified. You can also email "fissues" at Microsoft to request assistance.

The forum is not for ideas or suggestions. See the info below. 

Ideas and Suggestions

If you have a suggestion for the forums or general forum feedback, use the Suggestions and Feedback forum. To get a feature submitted to the Forums team, ask for it on the Feature Requests Wiki article.


Find announcements about the forums in the Forums Announcements forum.

Live ID / Microsoft Account Issues

The Forum Issues forum doesn't cover Live ID (Microsoft Account) issues. If you have one, try making a request via this form.

Or report the issue to the WL Forum. Support page.

Product Questions

If you have product questions or feedback, find a forum below:

Not sure where to post your question? Ask in the Where Is Forum.

Forum Issue Support

To open a support ticket about a specific forum issue, see Option 1; Option 2. Or email "fissues" at Microsoft.

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  • account 234-4-17846-8 mr teerawat kongvang support help me

  • Watvang, Please follow the options in the article to get support. Thanks!

  • The problem here that it is almost useless to expect bugs fixed or even get a response from the people responsible for forum operations. Many bugs stay open for months and instead of fixing them, forum's team keeps introducing more and more of them.

  • Naomi, you should be a little more objective. For example, this isn't true. I see replies from the forums team to your issues very often. Second, they have fixed a lot of bugs and are working on big fixes even now. I also submit a lot of fix requests for you (such as fixing broken threads), and I see them jump on fixing those. Third, I think this is more of an issue that they simply don't have the staff you want them to have to make all the changes and features you want (and "you" means "you and many members of the community"). For example, we have a lot of feature requests that are presented for another technology, like BizTalk or SharePoint. We wait until big releases every few years to get those features. But for a forum platform, we want the change instantly, and that isn't realistic to the small team working on it.

    But I do have to agree, when fixes are made, new bugs are often introduced (like the language bug where random non-English text strings still appear in the English forums). Unfortunately, this is partially due to a delicate system of many different components (platforms, layers, editor, etc.), which were never designed to work together. The team is working on simplifying the system of components as they add new features and fix bugs.

    As you said, "Many bugs stay open for months." And it often takes that long to reproduce them, identify the causes, identify all the code in all the different components that are responsible for the bug, fix each component, and get it in the final code.

  • I posted a thread called 'Bugs and Issues'. I didn't see replies from Forum Administrations in that thread and the bugs I listed there are very important and have been there for 4+ months. When can we expect them fixed? Also, the forum's statistics information has not been updated for more than 4 months also. If this is so hard to fix, remove that old statistics.

  • Naomi,

    Forums Support won't answer you in the Forums Issues forum. They're too busy trying to fix bugs. Which is why I created this article. Becuase you don't get Forum Support there. You get Forum Support in the options in this article titled, "Forum Issue Support".

    We're working through some bugs that have been around for three years. The answer is that the team prioritizes the bugs and then fixes some whenever they can. It depends on many factors... how bad the bug is, what the effects are, priority, resources to fix it, what needs to be done to fix it, whether or not the cause can be identified, etc. And there are limited resources.

    We've had a few bugs around the Forum statistics. You can give your opinion to the support team. For example, you said, "remove that old statistics." I am not on the team to make that decision and do not have the capability. That's why this article exists: To point the community to the solutions and support teams.


  • ...As a bit of an update, it looks like they did remove some leaderboards. Bryant started posting Forum Announcements in March (, and the March 27 release removed some statistics ( I'll also add a link in this article to the Announcements forum. Thanks!

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