How to Open Windows Explorer from Command Line in Current Directory

How open to Open Windows Explorer from command line Command Line in current directoryCurrent Directory

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Hi, I would like to share with you a nice trick to open explorer Windows Explorer from command line in the current directory.

I assume you are all familiar with the need that sometimes appear when exploring our folders with Windows Explorer and we just want to move into command line in the same folder. There are many Windows Explorer extension to do that and this was also part of Windows PowerToy Package for XP.

Now what about the other direction, while we are in a command line prompt and we just want to open explorer in the current directory?
Well, very easy...I just didn't see any mention for it in this mentioned on the web so I thought to share, from the command line, just run:

explorer %CD%

That's it - You you are there.

Hope this first article of mine will help!