Workflow Foundation (WF4)

Workflow Foundation (WF4)


Q: Where can I find some good resources to learn about Windows Workflow Foundation?
A: Here are some external resources you might find useful.

Q: What are some good blogs/podcasts about Windows Workflow Foundation?
A: These blogs and podcasts are great resources.


Q: How do I consume a WCF Service from WF?
A: By adding a service reference and using the generated XAML activities. There are some caveats to be aware of. For more information, see How to consume a WCF Service from a WF4 Workflow on the .Net Endpoint blog.

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  • Can we expect more resource on WF, Senario where to apply WF,best practices?

  • We have a continuous stream of content coming on the team blog.  If you have specific questions it's good to ask on the blog, MSDN forums or StackOverflow

  • Good Article.

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