TechNet Wiki International Council

TechNet Wiki International Council


Just like the TechNet Wiki Community Council, the TechNet Wiki International Council is a small group of active members from the Community. The International Council should function in a similar way but is specifically focused on supporting languages other than English on the Wiki. It brings together representatives of different language Communities to experiment, learn, formalize, share and broadly apply whatever makes non-English Community successful. The initial goal is to develop healthy communities in languages that already have significant contributions and take them to the next level.


2013 current members include

  1. French – Philippe Levesque (Yagmoth555), Bruno Lewin
  2. German – Jan Hentschel (Horizon Net
  3. IndonesianAris Lesmana
  4. ItalianLuigi Bruno
  5. JapaneseTomoaki Yoshizawa
  6. Persian/Farsi – Patris Soltanpour (Patris_70)
  7. Portuguese/WikiLuciano Lima, Luiz Henrique Lima Campos
  8. Russian/WikiDenis Dyagilev, Dmitri Plotnikov
  9. Spanish – Leonardo Ponti (LeoPonti)
  10. Turkish Gokan Ozcifci, Mehmet Parlakyigit

Secretary: Bruno Lewin 
Secretary's Assistant: Ed Price

How Members Are Selected

The initial members were invited based on their contribution in languages other than English.

Future Agenda Items

  • Establish communication channels for the intl Council (forum, Skype, mail)
  • The role of translation (manual or automated) on the Wiki vs. original article
  • What do non-English community members expect from the Wiki
  • Benefits and Challenges of publishing to the wiki rather than blogs or other media
  • Page views and other statistics
  • "Featured Articles" 

Links to Language Specific Councils


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  • What is 'page statics'?

  • Other similar statistics to views. Where people landed from, comments, edits, etc.

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