Maths Revision V1.0

Maths Revision V1.0

coda.pngMaths Revision V1.0

This is a suite of 22 revision aid programs + tools I wrote...

You can download the compiled version (msInstaller) here + the zipped source code for the 22 applications here.

Direct link to my website where you can download the individual apps source code


25-01-2013 23.17.10.jpg


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My Algebraic Equations program formulates questions for you to answer, + has a scoring system to keep track of your progress:


25-01-2013 22.27.48.jpg


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My Geometric Shapes + Angles + Areas program is another old one from 2009:


25-01-2013 22.18.28.jpg


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This is my Transformations program, written in early 2012. There are 4 different types of transformation:


25-01-2013 22.44.01.jpg


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This is my Divisors program, written to find all possible divisors of a user entered integer:


25-01-2013 22.14.43.jpg


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Here’s my Prime Number Finder. You choose how many prime numbers to find + what number to start at:

 25-01-2013 22.14.20.jpg



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This is my Simplified Fractions program + my Decimal to Fraction program:


25-01-2013 22.32.45.jpg25-01-2013 22.13.21.jpg


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This is my -/+ (Positive/Negative) Effects program that demonstrates the effects of performing mathematical operations on positive + negative numbers:


25-01-2013 22.26.51.jpg


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This is my Mean, Median, + Mode calculator:


25-01-2013 22.19.43.jpg


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This is my Square Root Finder, that uses the pre calculator method of determining the square root of a number:


25-01-2013 22.34.03.jpg


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This program (on the left) converts Weights + Measures + outputs in Scientific Notation. The program on the right converts numbers between decimals + Scientific Notation + vice versa:


25-01-2013 22.28.57.jpg25-01-2013 22.30.01.jpg


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This program is a Significant Figures quiz:


25-01-2013 22.31.16.jpg


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This program is a Wallpaper Calculator tool:


25-01-2013 22.48.33.jpg


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This program is a Mixed Numbers Division + Multiplication program, with random formulated questions + a scoring system:


25-01-2013 22.17.00.jpg


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This is an UnDoing quiz program, where you must work backwards from the answer to find the value of X:


25-01-2013 22.46.48.jpg


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This is a Patterns program where you can display various types of pattern + number pattern in a grid comprised of hexagonal cells:


25-01-2013 22.21.12.jpg


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These are 2 tanGram programs, first an analytical look at the tanGram, + an interactive tanGram Shapes game:


25-01-2013 22.35.06.jpg25-01-2013 22.36.24.jpg

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This is an Areas + Volumes Converter with graphical conversion solution:

25-01-2013 22.11.45.jpg

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This is a Factorial Calculator:

25-01-2013 22.15.59.jpg

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Finally (for now), a Temperature Converter:

26-01-2013 00.05.45.jpg

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  • .paul Superb article.

  • Thanks for the comment

  • Very interesting collection!

  • Congratulations on earning a TechNet Guru medal!

  • Paul, sorry I missed this article from September. I think maybe I should work with you and add some of my code to the tools.  I have some binary conversion code already and I can create a ip v4 address subnet calculator (takes a bit longer to do then the binary conversion).

  • @The Thinker

    I'm working on version 2 now...

    I never really considered collaboration. It was intended to group together the Maths apps I'd written, as I was looking back at them during the course of a University Module.

    here's a screenshot of the latest progress on version 2: 02.21.53.jpg

  • that is:

  • I'd be interested to see your ip v4 address subnet calculator...

  • I'd be interested to see your ip v4 address subnet calculator...

  • very educational, thanks

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