T-SQL Useful Links

T-SQL Useful Links

This article will share collection of links in regards to various aspects in Transact-SQL language. Many of these links come very handy answering various questions in SQL Server related forums.

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Performance Optimization

EXECUTE vs sp_ExecuteSQL

SQL Server Internals

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Dynamic Search

Option recompile


Calendar table

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Gaps and Islands


Parameter Sniffing 

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Information about All objects 

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String Manipulations

String Split


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Concatenate Rows

Common Table Expression (CTE)

CTE Performance

CTE syntactic sugar

CTE versus Temp Table

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Running Total


Other Topics

Design Decisions

Many tables JOIN calculation problem

Blocking problems

Structure change problem

NOT IN problem

JOIN problem 

Orphans check

Update Records in batch


Questions and Surveys - random order

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  • Great article! We sometimes call these "Survival Guides". But the person who led us in "branding" them that way is gone now, so we can call them whatever we want. =^)

  • Thanks Naomi !! really useful article !!!