How to Create and Post on an MSDN Blog or TechNet Blog

How to Create and Post on an MSDN Blog or TechNet Blog


If you're a Microsoft employee, please see this blog post instead: How to create your own MSDN blog and link it with Windows Live Writer

But this topic is more for the community (people who are not Microsoft employees). 

You must be a Microsoft employee to create a blog. (It does not matter if you're part time or a full-time employee.)


However, non-Microsoft employees, contractors/vendors, interns and others can join a team blog that's being run by Microsoft employees. Because most team blogs represent products, those product-based blogs are typically only run by Microsoft employees (occasionally with Contractors added as authors). And then there are many personal blogs that are created by employees for themselves to blog on (non-Microsoft employees and contractors cannot create personal blogs). But a few other blogs exist to represent the community, such as the TechNet Wiki blog or MVP blogs about a specific technology or language/area. Most of these community blogs are so specific that they don't have a clear process to join them. When those processes become transparent (like the Wiki Ninjas Blog), we will add links to those processes below.


List of Blogs that Community Members (Non-MS Employees) Contribute to

These are blogs that include authors who are not Microsoft employees. Note that these blogs are started and owned by Microsoft employees. And the point of the blogs is to highlight community participation (these are not personal blogs and are not blogs that only focus on the official product info). If you find any blogs with community authors that are not yet on this list, please add them!

Also, note that most all these blogs don't have a process for non-MS community members to join. Most are by invite only (which makes sense, because they are very targeted, like MVPs who contribute heavily to TechNet Wiki in the Portuguese language).

The blogs are listed alphabetically:


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  • If i want to post something on technet wiki blog, what is the way? i am non-Microsoft employee

  • is there any pre-complied list of blogs or groups which can i join?

  • Mohammad, see here:

  • TheHumanBot, most of them are very specific without a clear process to join. For example, MVPs in Russia. No need for a clear process for that one, because those who are MVPs in Russia know about it (that's just a theoretical example). We created a process for the Wiki NInjas blog, which you can check out here:

    I actively encourage other blog owners to build a process, but I think it will be very specific and won't apply to most people. Thanks!

  • Mohammad, we encourage everyone to post on TechNet Wiki. Please make your posts Wiki like (less personal than blogs).

    TheHumanBot and Mohammad, after your posts, I started adding all the MSDN/TechNet blogs I've found that include non-Microsoft employee authors. Those contributors are usually MVPs or other leaders in each particular area.