Wiki: How to Report a TechNet Wiki Performance Issue

Wiki: How to Report a TechNet Wiki Performance Issue

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If you are facing a performance issue on TechNet Wiki (slow loading or error messages when you create an article, edit an article, add/edit a tag, or leave a comment), then go here to report the issue: Report Wiki Performance Issues.

Here are the types of performance issues to report:

  • Slow loading on any page
  • Slow response when making an edit (comment, tag edit, new article, etc.)
  • Error messages:
    • When creating a new article
    • When editing an article
    • When editing or adding a tag
    • When leaving a comment

If you want to report a bug, go to Wiki: Known Issues to see if it's already logged.


  • Even though you saw the error messages, your edit/new article/comment was still captured. So you merely need to go find the article (for new articles) or click Back in your Internet browser (for edits, tags, and comments).
  • If you click the comment Post/Save button more than once, then you'll duplicate comments! Please only click Post/Save one time, and please don't re-post your comments! The comment could take up to 15 hours to appear.
  • If you try to add an article again, then you're duplicating the article! You'll especially know that you're duplicating an article because it won't let you use the same article name. Why? Because it already exists when you created it. You'll need to find the article on the Home Page, the Featured Articles page, or on your Profile Activity tab.

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  • Ed Price - MSFT edited Revision 1. Comment: Added - Wiki: How to Report Duplicate Comments on TechNet Wiki  

  • Hi Ed ,

    Issues :

    1.) After editing some articles getting error message window while saving but the article has been successfully edited .

    2.) After adding See Also section , code block formatting got removed , unable to add code block formatting again .

    I reported about these in the TechNet Feedback site .

    Suggestion :

    As we discussed here in the Comments -

    "In MSDN  forumns , if we are asking any question while typing the title for the post we will get list of related posts ,

    in similar way if we get on technet wiki and gallery , we can avoid duplicate posts . "

  • Short and concise, Thanks!

  • It seems the there is a delay with leaving comments and publishing it!

  • Sathya,

    Thank you for reporting the issues, and thank you for your suggestions! We'll need to add that feature request to the feature request list (


    Yes, there are many comment performance issues. Sometimes comments take up to 15 hours to show up. Please submit the issues via the Site Feedback page. Thanks!

  • Edited to Remove multiple blank lines.

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