Small Basic: How to Make a Check Box

Small Basic: How to Make a Check Box

Small Basic has following three kinds of controls.

  • button
  • multi-line text box
  • text box

But no check box is available in Controls object.
So, let's make a check box by ourself.


To make a check box, we need a box, a check mark, and mouse event handler.  A box can be drawn with GraphicsWindow.FillRectangle().  A check mark can be drawn with Shapes.AddText() and "Wingdings 2" font.  In mouse event handler, let's check whether mouse is clicked in the box or not and change the state of the check box.


This is a sample code for a check box.  The first one is a mouse event handler.

Sub OnMouseDown
  mx = GraphicsWindow.MouseX
  my = GraphicsWindow.MouseY
  For iCheckBox = 1 To cboxNum
    x0 = cboxObj[iCheckBox]["x0"]
    x1 = cboxObj[iCheckBox]["x1"]
    y0 = cboxObj[iCheckBox]["y0"]
    y1 = cboxObj[iCheckBox]["y1"]
    If x0 <= mx And mx <= x1 And y0 <= my And my <= y1 Then
      If cboxObj[iCheckBox]["checked"] Then
        cboxObj[iCheckBox]["checked"] = "false"
        cboxObj[iCheckBox]["checked"] = "true"

The second one is a subroutine to check a check box.

Sub IsChecked
  iCheckBox = Text.GetSubTextToEnd(param["checkBoxName"], 9)
  return = cboxObj[iCheckBox]["checked"]

The third one is to add a check box.

Sub AddCheckBox
  ' param["left"] - the x co-ordinate of the check box
  ' param["top"] - the y co-ordinate of the check box
  ' returns return - the check box that was just added to the Graphics Window.
  cboxColor = GraphicsWindow.BrushColor
  cboxSize = GraphicsWindow.FontSize
  cboxFont = GraphicsWindow.FontName
  cboxNum = cboxNum + 1
  cboxX0 = param["left"]
  cboxX1 = cboxX0 + cboxSize + 1
  cboxY0 = param["top"] + 1
  cboxY1 = cboxY0 + cboxSize + 1
  GraphicsWindow.BrushColor = "Gray"
  GraphicsWindow.FillRectangle(cboxX0, cboxY0, cboxSize + 2, cboxSize + 2)
  GraphicsWindow.BrushColor = "White"
  GraphicsWindow.FillRectangle(cboxX0 + 1, cboxY0 + 1, cboxSize, cboxSize)
  cboxObj[cboxNum]["x0"] = cboxX0
  cboxObj[cboxNum]["x1"] = cboxX1
  cboxObj[cboxNum]["y0"] = cboxY0
  cboxObj[cboxNum]["y1"] = cboxY1
  GraphicsWindow.BrushColor = cboxColor
  GraphicsWindow.FontName = "Wingdings 2"
  cboxMark = Shapes.AddText("P")
  Shapes.Move(cboxMark, param["left"] + 1, param["top"] + 3)
  cboxObj[cboxNum]["checkmark"] = cboxMark
  cboxObj[cboxNum]["checked"] = "False"
  GraphicsWindow.FontName = cboxFont
  cboxMark = Shapes.AddText(param["caption"])
  Shapes.Move(cboxMark, param["left"] + cboxSize * 1.5 , param["top"])
  return = "CheckBox" + cboxNum

Sample Program

I uploaded a sample program as TCX734.  This program can generate a PIN code.  Including alphabet or not can be select with our check box.


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