Windows Azure SQL Reporting Samples

Windows Azure SQL Reporting Samples

Sample reports and a Windows Azure web role with a ReportViewer control that points to the sample reports, is available for download for Windows Azure SQL Reporting.

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Download samples from Code Gallery on MSDN:


The samples have the following prerequisites:

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Sample Data for Reports

Reports that use the SQLAzure_AdventureWorksLT data source require access to the following database, which must be installed on a Windows Azure subscription that you have access to:

Name Link
Download AdventureWorksLTAZ2008R2
AdventureWorks Community Samples Databases for Windows Azure SQL Database (December CTP)
Comparison between Windows Azure SQL Database version and SQL Server version

Loading AdventureWorks into Windows Azure SQL Database

 Also, see Getting Started Guide for Database Administrators (Windows Azure SQL Reporting).

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Report Samples

Sample Data source Description
SQLAzureReportingPreviewReportSamples README.txt Requirements and notes

 Also, see Getting Started Guide for Report Authors (Windows Azure SQL Reporting).

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SQL Reporting application samples for Windows Azure

Sample Name Description
Windows Azure SQL Reporting ReportViewer-SOAP API usage sample README.txt Requirements and notes
Displays reports published to a SQL Reporting report server URL that you provide.
  SOAPManagement Calls the report server Web service proxy ListChildren in the ReportingService2010 endpoint, to display a list of reports published on the SQL Reporting report server.
Windows Azure SQL Reporting Admin sample SQLReportingAdmin Sample The SQLReportingAdmin sample for Windows Azure SQL Reporting demonstrates the usage of SQL Reporting APIs, and manages (add/update/delete) permissions of SQL Reporting users.

 Also, see Getting Started Guide for Application Developers (Windows Azure SQL Reporting) and How to: Use ReportViewer in a Web Site Hosted in Windows Azure.

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  • When I try to install the Azure SQL AdventureWorks samples (LT and DW) I get some errors, mainly about connection errors in DW and some type errors in LT ¿what could be the problem?

  • Only AdventureWorksLT for SQL Azure database is used in these samples, and they were tested in December 2010. The AdventureWorksDW2008R2 database was not used.

    It might be that you are running into SQL Azure database limitations or issues introduced by newer releases. Try posting your question on the SQL Azure forums: For best responses, include details about the specific errors that you are getting about types.