Welcome to the Message Analyzer Wiki !

The purpose of this site is to provide the following:

  • A forum for feedback about Message Analyzer Operating Guide topics, with which users have issues, concerns, questions, or other comments.  The goal is to improve the Operating Guide topics as needed, based on direct user feedback and interaction.
  • A means to discover and share new methods for analyzing network protocol and system messages, by using the tools, assets, and capabilities that Message Analyzer provides.  To that end, we plan to provide one or more of the following on this site in the near future:
    • Frequently asked questions for Netmon users.
    • Proposed solutions for some common troubleshooting scenarios that you can try out and contribute to, such as name resolution, HTTP performance, and TCP diagnostics.
    • Instructions about how to create useful Message Analyzer graphic Charts for data visualization; will also link off to working examples.
    • A space for Message Analyzer users to share information about their successes or difficulties in using Message Analyzer assets such as Filters, Viewpoints, View LayoutsColor Rules, Trace Scenarios, Sequence Expressions, Charts, and so on, to resolve real world troubleshooting issues. 

User Feedback on the Message Analyzer Operating Guide   For the moment, we would like to get feedback from users about select Message Analyzer topics, to which we can respond. To provide comments and suggestions, use the Export feature in the TechNet Library for any Operating Guide topic that want to copy and comment on.  The Export button is located in the upper-right hand corner of each topic page.  Follow this procedure to copy and paste topic content to this Wiki site so that you can add comments or suggestions:

  1. Click the Export button to expose the exporting controls.
  2. In the Export toolbar, either click Add this page to add the topic to your collection of pages, or right-click any topic in the TOC and add individual topics or entire sections of topics.
  3. In the Export toolbar, click Manage pages to display the management options.
  4. Under Export Your Collection, select HTML in the drop-down and then click Export.
  5. When the Export completes, click Download button to open your pages collection.  Note that you can build your own custom version of the document with these features.
  6. Scroll to the content you want to comment on, then highlight and copy the text.
  7. Return to the Message Analyzer Wiki and click Post an article.
  8. Paste the copied text into the editing space and add comments and suggestions.
  9. Add any specific requests you have to the Comment text box and then save the content that you want to post.

Important:  If you want to get feedback from Microsoft about your comments and suggestions;  make sure to add a "Message Analyzer" tag to the tags list for your article.  To view articles that have been posted to date, click the Message Analyzer tag below to search for them.