Wiki: Comments on TechNet Wiki

Wiki: Comments on TechNet Wiki

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There are different types of comments on the TechNet Wiki:

  1. Article comments that you enter in the comments box beneath an article. All readers can see these comments. You cannot edit or delete these comments once you have entered them. Only wiki moderators / admins can delete and edit these comments.  Please keep this in mind when making comments on an article. For example: Let's say you choose not to correct an error in the article and instead make a comment about it. When the error is corrected, your comment remains until a moderator deletes it.
  2. Edit comments that you enter when you have made a change to an article. You cannot see these comments unless you click the History tab on the article. Wiki community standards and code of conduct ask that when you make a change to an article, you leave notes here on what you changed and why. Only wiki moderators / admins can delete and edit these comments.
  3. In IE8, click the RSS Feed button in your browser to see a list of comments-related feeds for a wiki member. (In IE9, you might need to right-click the toolbar area, and then click Command Bar. This adds the RSS Feed button onto your toolbar. Then click the arrow to select a feed.)

  4. In IE9, click Tools> Feed discovery. (You might need to right-click the toolbar area, and then click Menu Bar. This adds the file menu to your toolbar.)

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  • How do feeds work in IE9? I don't see a button like that anymore (it just seems to be in the Star/Favorites menu.

  • Never mind. Tony and I added info about how to get to the RSS Feeds in IE9.

  • Hi Ed, so a comment would be like this then perhaps - where I quote the original portion of text like this extract from above: "let's say choose not to correct and error in the article" and then suggest a possible alternative like the following: "let's say YOU choose not to correct an(d) error in the article". Is this what you mean?  btw; it's my first visit here and I must say the Wikis look very good indeed. Well done!  I'm certain to be back sometime fairly soon.. Best regards, pkn2011

  • @pkn2011 yes, you can do that. Better, you can just make the edit directly in the article!

  • Hi Tony, ok thank you. I'll look into how to do a direct edit next then - soon, Regards, pkn2011

  • @pkn2011 this will get you started:

  • Hi Ed, t