Current Contributors

The contributors to the Small Basic Blog are listed in chronological order. It includes a status of whether they are an employee (MSFT) or MCC, and the date of their first blog post. (If they were an MCC while they were an author, we will leave that title up, even if the status changes.)

Here's the list (chronologically ordered):

  1. Philip Conrod (8/16/10)
  2. Ed Price - MSFT (10/2/12)
  3. Ray FAST - MSFT (12/3/12)
  4. Nonki Takahashi (5/2/14)
  5. LitDev (5/3/14)
  6. Jibba Jabba (5/16/14)
  7. Li Xin Xu - MSFT - TBD
  8. Liam McSherry - TBD
  9. Synergist - TBD

Former Contributors

Former contributors (they got busy; also in chronological order of when they started):

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