System Center Operations Manager 2007 Survival Guide

System Center Operations Manager 2007 Survival Guide

What is a survival guide? It’s a page we created as a pointer to the best information on the web. You can use the information below to learn the fundamentals; increase your current knowledge; or stay current on Operations Manager and events. And, if you think we missed some great article out there, please add it below!



Installation and Configuration

Usage Scenarios


Management Packs and Management Pack Authoring

Management packs provide the knowledge to detect, diagnose and fix issues for various workloads and are the way that System Center Operations Manager get extended by partners and customers.  A management pack is any add-on, adjunct, plug-in or integrated product that extends System Center Operations Manager.

    MP Catalogs

    MP Authoring Resources

    MP Development Best Practices

    MP Development Worst Practices

Process Guides






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