Windows PowerShell ISE Add-On Tools

Windows PowerShell ISE Add-On Tools

This page provides links to additional PowerShell ISE tools you can download and add into PowerShell ISE.

Overview of PowerShell ISE Add-On

A PowerShell ISE Add-on is some bit of code that adds functionality to or within the ISE. Most ISE Add-ons interact and leverage the PowerShell ISE Add-on Model ($PSIse).

For more information on the ISE Object Model  see:

The Windows PowerShell ISE Scripting Object Model

PowerShell ISE Add-Ons

Pointers to Microsoft and community add-ons with description and related material.

Community Add-Ons

These are ISE additions authored by the PowerShell Community.

 IseHg Trevor Sullivan
IsePackV2 James Brundage(Start-Automating)

Code Snippet Examples - PSISE Library

Jeff Patton

ISE Scripting Geek

Jeffery Hicks

Menu Generator

Ravikanth Chaganti


James Brundage

Print Script

Karl Mitschke 
Save All Files PowerShell Team 
Spell Checker

James Brundage

(NB: requires WPK and PowerShellPack modules!)


Robert Robelo

ISE Quick Comments

Daniel Schroeder

ISE FunctionExplorer

Raimund Andree

ISE VariableExplorer

Raimund Andree

Validate and Format XML

Ravikanth Chaganti

ISE CimExplorer

Bin Yi
ISE Steroids

Tobias Weltner

Doug Finke
Script Browser

Microsoft CSS
ISE Color Theme Cmdlets

Jeff Pollock LifeInPowerShell
ISE Color Theme Cmdlets

 Powershell ISE Project Explorer  Marcin Grzywa
 ScriptGalleryISEAddOn  Stefan Stranger


PoshCode ISE Cmdlets

These are a set of cmdlets that can be used in conjunction with the ISE.

ISE Cmdlets
Line Cmdlets
Poetter & Kriszio
ISE Cmdlets Comment Cmdlets
Dependency Reporting
Josh Einstein

How to Write a PowerShell ISE Add-on with PowerShell

Advice and guidance to those wishing to write ISE add-ons along with sample code.

How to Add Code Snippets to the ISE
 Rich Prescott
How to Group Snippets in the ISE
 Niklas Goude
Writing Your First Icicle James Brundage

(YouTube Video
PowerShell v3 ISE and ISE scripting model changes & improvements
Ravikanth Chaganti

How to Write a PowerShell ISE Add-on with Visual Studio WPF / XAML (C#)

Creating Add-ons, Plugins, and Tools for the PowerShell ISE
Lee Holmes
Create a PowerShell v3 ISE Add-on Tool
 Jason Stangroome
Hacking the PowerShell 3.0 ISE : Introduction
 Mike Walker
My first PowerShell ISE Add-In
Jan-Hendrik Peters


To learn more about PowerShell, the ISE and what you can do with them, visit the PowerShell Communities page.

To learn more about the ISE, see the ISE Help pages at:

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