Event ID 1: VDS Basic Provider

Event ID 1: VDS Basic Provider


Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7



Windows Operating System

Event ID



VDS Basic Provider




Unexpected failure. Error code: 490@01010004



The Virtual Disk Service (VDS) looks for the Location paths property of the controller. The value of this property is the path location of the disk. However, a virtual controller does not have this property.  This can happen when:

  • You have a Hyper-V guest operating system that is running Windows
    Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7.
  • The guest operating system has a disk that is connected to a SCSI controller.

User Action
None required. This event can be safely ignored.

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  • I have no guest operating system, Hyper-V or otherwise, just Win7/64 and no SCSI controller. This error occurs when Win7 can no longer find a connected disk drive. Hardly something that can be safely ignored!

  • Same as Bugfinder General, no VMs Win 7 x64 and no SCSI. It is also not clear which disk this is referring to, so it is hard to even try and troubleshot.

  • Ditto as Bugfinder and bigbilly I have a SSD with my OS and all my storage is handed to a WD 1TB drive, I hardley accept safely ignore.

  • With event data "1@01010003", the disk management is crashing (i.e. waiting forever to load the infomation for the disk configuration), sure, this can be ignored, but the disk management crashes anyway... A solution for this would be really helpful.

  • Also the same like Bugfinder General, bigbillyt and Lunker 1.

    Win 7 x64 no SCSI no VM.

    Unerwarteter Fehler. Fehlercode: 490@01010004

    Need help!

  • And one Errorcode more: Unerwarteter Fehler. Fehlercode: D@01010004

  • great information, thanks.

  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed and trying to just run a Windows Backup and this is what I get along with VSS Event ID 8193 (Volume Shadow Copy Service error)).  It's really sad when you can't even backup your computer.  I'm running SATA RAID-1 but figured I should have a real backup on an external USB drive.  Thanks Microsoft for the useful information.

  • I can report one cause of this error:  On a Windows 7 workstation, I was looking for vvirus issues which did jot exist.  One tool I used was Kaspersky's rescue disk.  This tool wrote data to the systek_drv partitiojn, apparently leaving it too small to allow for a volume shadow copy.  I used diskpart to assign a drive lettter to the partition, found the problem, removed the extra data,then removed the drive letter, and backup is working fine again.

  • Under Win7, user will need to reboot in order to be able to utilize Disk Management again as the entire Virtual Disk service stops functioning properly.  The service cannot be simply restarted (it cannot shut down properly).  The shutdown process during the reboot will also take an extremely long time as the system appears to struggle with flushing the disk caches.  The only preventative measure that I have found for this is to restart the machine in question at least once per week.

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