FEP 2010: Replacing MSE with the FEP Client via Configuration Manager

FEP 2010: Replacing MSE with the FEP Client via Configuration Manager

Microsoft does not support uninstalling MSE via the normal FEP competitive uninstall, but you can uninstall MSE and install FEP using Configuration Manager package chaining.

Use the following steps:

  1. Download the mseinstall.exe (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=183489) to your Configuration Manager server and store it in a folder called c:\msebits
  2. Make a software deployment package in Configuration Manager based on the downloaded MSE program.
  3. Make a program for the package called uninstall that runs the following command:  mseinstall.exe /u /q /s
  4. Go to your FEP deployment package.
  5. Create a new program named Install – Uninstall MSE (Note: beginning the program with ‘install’ is important)
  6. The command line for the program is:  cscript.exe Polices\ApplyPolicy.vbs “FEPInstall.exe /s /q /sqmoptin”
  7. On the Advanced tab, enable Run another program first, and then select your MSEUninstall package and the Uninstall program similar to this:


Deploy the FEP package using the new program you created.

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  • G'day Kim-kim :) Just one quick comment from social.technet.microsoft.com/.../ba1a71eb-e534-4e46-b1cb-af9905f9b0de :

    "FEP 2010 canot be installed from the distribution point. Part of the deployment process involves running applypolicy.vbs. The script read ISV data from the package and program to calculate policy precedence, and wirte the appropriate policy from the ISV data stream to disk in xml format, where it is applied as the FEP policy. The script will fail if you choose to "run from DP".




    Bess, Kenneth - www.systemcenterblog.net - www.systemcenterforum.net

  • Wayne, this article goes into making packages and programs. It offers no advice one way or another on creating an advertisement, other than which program should be advertised. By default, advertisements 'Download content from distribution point and run locally' for fast network boundaries, so I'm not quite sure how that applies to this situation.

    Further, we actually can install directly from the distribution point with the proper configuraiton settings:



  • Thanks for article, it helps me in most cases. In a little part of the cases I got error 0x8004FF52, when I tried to start installation manually I had the same error with message that MSE is already installed. I ran OneCare CleanUp tool but has no effect. Could you help me with this problem.

  • Problem solved after reinstall and uninstall MSE.

  • Why is naming the packahe with Install in the front important?  is it Mif related?

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