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Welcome to the EF FAQ

This is a collection of frequently asked questions (and answers) about the Entity Framework (a .Net-based Object-Relational Mapping framework from Microsoft).

These questions and answers were culled from a number of existing blog and forum posts.  No doubt there is a lot more data that belongs here, which is where you come in. Contributions are very welcome!  the FAQs reside on the Microsoft Technet Wiki web site, and as a wiki, community members are welcome to contribute.

The only thing you have to do in order to contribute is go here (TechNet Wiki: How to Join) and sign up. What this consists of is getting a Windows Live ID, and registering a Display Name so you can earn "points", which count towards attaining MVP status, if that is of interest to you.

Once you do that, you are good to go, and can edit and create wiki topics at will. If you haven't worked with wikis before, the above link has further links that will introduce you to the process.



What's new?

 Pretty much everything.  The FAQ has a new look, a new home, and a new system designed to make it easy for you, dear reader, to get involved in its upkeep.

FAQs Table of Contents



Conceptual Model (EDM)
Mapping and Modeling
Entity Classes
Customizing Objects
Sprocs and Functions
Code Generation


Architecture and Patterns
Connections and Transactions
Serialization and Web Services
Unit Testing

Database Server Support

Data Providers


Error Messages

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