What's New in SQL Server 2012

What's New in SQL Server 2012

Click the following links to read about new features in the SQL Server 2012.  All the links go to the TechNet Library.

What's New (Database Engine)
What's New (Analysis Services)
What's New (Integration Services)
Introducing Data Quality Services
What's New (Replication)
What's New (Reporting Services)
What's New (Master Data Services)
What's New (SQL Server Installation)

Click the following additional links to download the release, try new samples and tutorials, or find out what are others are saying in the SQL Server forums.

SQL Server 2012
Tutorials and Samples
SQL Server Forums
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  • Very useful wiki.

  • Very useful wiki.

  • Very useful wiki.

  • I need to download whitepaper, instead stay on site. Just great wiki.

  • There isn't anything about what are the new features available in T-SQL..Is there any white paper available out there on it ?

  • Good

  • helped to refresh quickly.

    content is missing in Database engine.

  • good information.

    Database engine content is missing.

  • The database engine content was reported as missing 6 months ago. Why is it still not there?

  • Dead links for Data Quality Services,  Master Data Services, Reporting Services, and perhaps more.  I gave up after awhile.  Sad.

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