SharePoint: Integrate Skype and Facebook Features

SharePoint: Integrate Skype and Facebook Features

See the following sections for information about how to integrate Skype and Facebook features into your SharePoint site.

SharePoint 2010 also includes many social features:
This site includes code for most of the social networking sites:


Create a column that associates with Skype protocol (for SharePoint 2007):


This is a Facebook kit for SharePoint, where you need to create a visual webpart and use it:

Facebook SDK to integrate a project on SharePoint:


This information originally came from this TechNet Forum thread: Facebook & Skype on Sharepoint
The primary contributors are Andre Lage (Microsoft Partner and MVP) and Bharath Ch (Microsoft Partner).

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  • I find it great, but not my boss..

  • There is another open source project for Facebook

  • If you are also looking for Twitter Integration then this project is for you

  • This is great - too bad most of my clients won't agree to have this configured.

  • I see great potential, I will try this out this weekend.

  • Nice info

  • This is great stuff, but I don't think corporates not in consumer product business would like to enable this feature.

  • The Skype feature from codeplex  is for SharePoint 2007.

    Do you know of one for 2010?

  • Nice links, but it would be nice if the article was generically renamed to social connectors for sharepoint 2010 and had a few more links out to some of the other social networking sites available.  I'm looking to create a social mashup page for our marking group so they can monitor the company's image across all social networking sites; This is a good start.

  • ieDaddy, go ahead and create that page and get it started. Thanks!

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