TechNet Wiki Community Council Members

TechNet Wiki Community Council Members


This is a list of all the members who have served or currently serve on the TechNet Wiki Community Council.
Members serve for one-year terms, the terms start in January** each year, and there are currently no limits to how many terms each member can serve.
NOTE: We mark "MCC" for any member who has ever won the MCC award.

Name Years  Status 
Kim Ditto-Ehlert 2010 - 2012  Microsoft FTE
Artem Pronichkin 2010 - 2012 Microsoft FTE (formerly MVP)
Arnie Rowland 2010 - 2012 MVP
Mark Parris 2010 - 2012 MVP
Eric Battalio 2010 - 2012 Microsoft FTE / Observer*
Monica Rush 2010 - 2011 Microsoft FTE
Tony Soper 2010 - 2011 Microsoft FTE
J.C. Hornbeck 2010 - 2011 Microsoft FTE
Larry Franks 2010 - 2011 Microsoft FTE
Gerard Boyer 2010 - 2011 Microsoft Intern
Susan Bradley 2010 MVP
Yuri Diogenes 2011 - 2012 Microsoft FTE
Luiz Henrique Lima Campos  2011 - 2013 MVP, MCC, Partner
Charlotte Raymundo  2011 - 2012 Microsoft FTE
Kelly White 2011 - 2012 MVP
Ed Price  2013 - Present Microsoft FTE
Peter Geelen  2013 - Present Microsoft FTE
Bruno Lewin  2013 - Present Microsoft FTE 
Peter Laker  2013 - Present MCC, Partner
Margriet Bruggeman  2013 - Present MVP, Partner
Steef-Jan Wiggers   2013 MVP, Partner
Luigi Bruno  2013 MCC
Ana Paula de Almeida  2013
Markus Vilcinskas  2013 - Present Microsoft FTE
Richard Mueller 2013 - Present MVP, MCC
Brent Groom 2013 - Present Microsoft FTE
Philippe Levesque 2013 - Present MVP, MCC, Partner
Leonardo Ponti  2013 Microsoft FTE / Observer*
Tord Nordahl  2013 - Present MVP
Zoltán Horvath 2013  MCC, Partner
Naomi N 2013 - Present MCC, Partner
Craig Lussier 2013 - Present Partner
Gokan Ozcifci 2013 - Present MVP
Benoit Jester 2013 - Present MVP, MTFC
Sandro Pereira 2014 - Present MVP
Durval Ramos 2014 - Present

* Observers exist to keep a pulse on the council and to keep the council accountable and on task. They shadow the council and sometimes later become full members.
NOTE: From 2010 through 2012, the membership started in March each year. Starting in 2013, the membership can be added to at any time, has no limit, and it only contingent on whether the current members are able to contribute and if qualified members could be asked to join. When pressured to explain, Ed calmly responded, "It's simpler. Now go away."

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  • I like it! The best people from both Microsoft and the community.

  • Very good. It is very nice to see people who help the TechNet Wiki today and those who have helped in the past.

  • Thanks, Tomoaki, for adding the link to Gokan's profile!

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