A Solution for Private Cloud Security

A Solution for Private Cloud Security

Welcome to the "A Solution for Private Cloud Security" series of three papers on private cloud security. With increasing numbers of organizations looking to create imagecloud-based environments or to implement cloud technologies within their existing data centers, business and technology decision-makers are looking closely at the possibilities and practicalities that these changes involve.

Evidence of this growth of interest in the cloud is shown by organizations such as Gartner, who in their 2011 poll of Chief Information Officers identified cloud computing as the top technology priority


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Although the increase in business agility coupled with greater flexibility of service provisioning are convincing arguments in favor of moving to the private and hybrid cloud models, significant deployment blockers remain. The Gartner 2012 Planning Guide on Security and Risk Management identified security as the top issue for cloud adoption. Consequently, progress towards implementing private cloud technologies will not advance without organizations and IT departments showing how they can effectively address these concerns.

Microsoft is investing heavily on developing innovative technologies that enable organizations to design and create robust and comprehensive private and hybrid cloud environments. This guidance considers the security aspects of these designs and consists of the following three papers:

Blueprint for A Solution for Private Cloud Security

Design Guide for A Solution for Private Cloud Security

Operations Guide for A Solution for Private Cloud Security

Together, these three documents provide a comprehensive explanation of the process for designing and running security for such a private cloud environment. These documents all use the Microsoft Private Cloud Reference Model as the framework for the security discussion.

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Complete Table of Contents for “A Solution for Private Cloud Security”

A Solution for Private Cloud Security

Blueprint for a A Solution for Private Cloud Security

Defining the Private Cloud Security Domain

Cloud Security Challenges

Private Cloud Reference Model – Security Perspective

Private Cloud Security Model

Design Guide for A Solution for Private Cloud Security

Private Cloud Security Design Principles

Private Cloud Security Design Challenges

Operations Guide for A Solution for Private Cloud Security

Private Cloud Security Operations Principles

Private Cloud Security Operations Challenges

Series Aim

The aim of the Solution for Private Cloud Security documents is to provide you with an architectural view for understanding, designing and operating effective security within a private cloud environment.


This series targets a range of potential audiences, all of whom fall within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) definition of a cloud provider. These audiences can include the following cloud roles:

  • Decider
  • Designer
  • Implementer
  • Operator

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  • As an employee of a Government Contractor that must comply with Agency Requirements from DOD, DCAA, Each Branch of the Military, as well as legislation such as ITAR (plus the SEC - SOX) I have been researching  to find out if Microsoft's Private Cloud Will comply with all of the contradictory rules and regulations of the FAR (www.acquisition.gov/.../index.html) which is often contradictory and absurd.  Does anyone have a short answer or a place that refers to government contractors specifically?  I have only been able to locate data relating to Government Usage of Private Cloud Technology and not information specific to contractors which obviously have the burden of having to comply with all of the above agency's without any assistance from them because they decided not to help about five years ago.  It is obvious that this is the future however from what I have been able to decipher it seems like the only way to actually be in compliance would be to set up multiple private clouds that would make the entire accounting process very segregated and make the implimentation of an accurate business intelligence system highly difficult?  Any information would really help me from starting a woodworking refinishing business.

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