Wiki: Platforms Portal

Wiki: Platforms Portal

A platform is a crucial element in software development. A platform might be simply defined as 'a place to launch software.' It can include a framework or operating system. Read more about the following platforms mentioned in TechNet Wiki.

.NET Framework

Active Directory

Microsoft Azure


Windows 7 / Vista

Windows Embedded

Windows Mobile / Windows Phone

Windows PowerShell

Windows Server

Windows Small Business Server

Windows Server Solution

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  • I think if we can consider .NET a platform, why not Active Directory?

  • @Tony Petito - Agreed.

  • Glenn Gailey [MSFT] edited Revision 27. Comment: per marketing guidelines, we can't just say ".NET" so I made this ".NET Framework" since both links are that.

  • Ed Price - MSFT edited Revision 32. Comment: Deleting one article from the Windows Phone section that doesn't clearly relate (seems more general to AD RMS).

  • Santhosh Sivarajan- edited Revision 39. Comment: Included Active Directory Upgrade - High Level Steps link

  • Murat Gatess edited Revision 44. Comment: giriş

  • Under SharePoint you could even write SharePoint 2007

  • Under SharePoint you could even write SharePoint 2007

  • Luigi Bruno edited Revision 49. Comment: Added "Windows File Systems (en-US)" in the "Windows 7 / Vista" section.

  • Luigi Bruno edited Revision 50. Comment: Added the "Windows Bugcheck Analysis (en-US)" link in the "Windows 7 / Vista" list.

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