Wiki: Management Portal

Wiki: Management Portal

Management refers to the administration of distributed systems. This includes hardware, server availability, software inventory and installation, anti-virus management, network capacity and utilization, and monitoring user activities, capacity, security, and storage.


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  • Currently have so many backups and software on my computer I dont know what or how to delete the items I dont need.

  • @Aaron Kentros

    Have you looked for a forum for a specific software product? (TechNet Forum link above.)

  • Looking for a software which allows monitoring of keystrokes and sites visited in an business office atmosphere, which is made and serviced in the U.S. We have too many instances of employees wasting time online when they should be working. Since we NEED the capability of working online at times, deleting that function is not an option. Suggestions? (Also, have previously bought a certain software claiming to do this, but it had "bugs" and/or viruses in it and was unusable.)

  • JazMan,

    Have you asked this in a related forum?


  • Well alot more to learn..

  • What is the challenge you face in managing backups ?

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  • Interesting..

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