Wiki: IT Security Portal

Wiki: IT Security Portal

Information security is the process of keeping computers and networks protected from theft, corruption, unwanted publication, tampering, or natural disaster, while keeping the information and property accessible and productive to its intended users.

This article contains links only to TechNet Wiki articles on the following subjects. To find a list that includes links that are external to TechNet Wiki, see the Security Survival Guide. To find a list that focuses on product overview articles, see the Technologies Portal.


Cloud Security

General Security Articles

Active Directory



Forefront Suite of Products

Operations Manager


Windows Server 

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) on Windows Server 2012



Additional Resources

Windows Azure Security

TechNet Resources

TechNet Blogs

TechNet Forums

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Wiki: Portal de Segurança (pt-BR)
Wiki: portale sulla sicurezza IT (it-IT)
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  • Many thanks for all efforts and contributions. Really a very valuable source for information.

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  • great effort all, thanks!

  • great effort all, thanks!

  • great effort all, thanks!

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  • I'm just new to Cloud and Cloud security and this has been very helpful. Thank you, Ed.

  • Very helpful. Thanks, Ed.

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