Wiki: Development Portal

Wiki: Development Portal

TechNet Wiki includes and welcomes development-related articles.

Software development is writing and maintaining source code, and the process may include research, code modification, scripting, reuse, re-engineering, test, or maintenance. The following articles links are to articles on TechNet Wiki only. Add more links as they become available.

General Development Articles

.NET Framework




Lync Server SDK


Small Basic

        Small Basic Basics:

SQL Azure

SQL Server

Microsoft Surface SDK 2.0


Visual C#

Visual C++

Visual F#


Visual Studio

Windows Store Apps

Windows Phone


Windows Server Security SDK





 .NET Micro Framework

See Also

Additional Resources

Other Languages

This article is also available in other languages, including Portuguese and French. 

Desenvolvimento (pt-BR)
Wiki: Portail de développement (fr-FR)
Wiki: Entwickler Portal (de-DE)
Wiki: Portale per gli sviluppatori (it-IT)
Wiki: Portal para Desarrolladores (es-ES)
Wiki: 開発ポータル (ja-JP)


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