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Microsoft TechNet is a Microsoft program and resource for technical information, news and events for IT professionals. Along with a website, there is also a monthly subscription magazine titled "TechNet Magazine".
TechNet's primary web presence is a collection of sites for the IT professional community that provide information, documentation and discussion which is authored both by Microsoft and by the community at large. The emphasis on and incorporation of applications such as forums, blogs, library annotations and social bookmarking is changing the nature of the TechNet site from a one-way information service to an open dialog between Microsoft and the IT professional community. The main website, and most of its constituent applications below are available in several languages.

TechNet Forums

TechNet Forums are the web-based forums used by the community to discuss a wide variety of IT professional topics.

TechNet Library

Similar to the MSDN Library which contains technical information for software developers, the TechNet Library is a source of technical information for IT professionals and advanced users. The technical content is freely available on the web and on CDs and DVDs as part of a TechNet Subscription.

TechNet Magazine

TechNet Magazine is a monthly print magazine (and it's freely available in digital format) that provides IT professionals working with Microsoft technologies information about planning, operating, and optimizing their systems.

TechNet Wiki

The TechNet Wiki is a technical resource for the community. Anyone who joins the community can contribute new topics, edit and enhance existing topics and provide comments. The goals of the Wiki include providing broader and more in-depth solutions content (how-to, procedural, troubleshooting, deployment) from a wider variety of authors with less publishing friction than traditional mechanisms.
A Wiki localization process is currently in progress.

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