Exchange Posters, Visio Stencils, and More

Exchange Posters, Visio Stencils, and More

 On this Exchange TechNet Wiki page you find the various posters and Visio stencils that exist for Exchange 2007 and  2010.

Exchange Posters

Exchange 2013

Exchange 2010



Exchange 2007






Server Posterpedia v2 Windows 8 App

Server Posterpedia is a Windows Store app designed for Windows 8 and Windows RT that brings graphical content together with content from TechNet and MSDN. It enables you to learn about Microsoft technologies by providing deep links to Microsoft content from within a Windows Store app.

Server Posterpedia is updated frequently with new content, so be sure to download any app updates when you’re notified.

If you’re running Windows 8, you can get this app from the Windows Store:

If you’re not running Windows 8 yet, check out this video that illustrates the app’s features and functionality:

Visio Stencils

Exchange Server

Lync Server

Office Communications Server 2007


3rd Party Load Balancers


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  • When are the Exchange 2010 stencils going to be available?

  • I'm pushing the proper folks so hopefully soon.....

  • Any idea when the Exchange 2010 Server Component Architecture poster will be released?

  • Hi Henrik,

    Will the Exchange 2010 Component Architecture poster be available soon?  I hope it includes any changes in SP1!


  • i am looking for drawing or poster just focusing on the storage aspect of exchange 2010, anyone got anything?

  • Nice Henrik..that resume all

  • That's cool i have all of them..

  • where is Active Directory - 2008 R2 Feature poster :) Thank you for share.

  • Any ideas as to when the Exchange 2013 Architecture Drawings will be available?

  • Any ideas as to when the Exchange 2013 Architecture Drawings will be available?

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