SSIS: List of Tasks

SSIS: List of Tasks

This is a list of tasks provided out-of-the-box with SSIS.

  • SSIS Execute SQL Task
  • SSIS FTP Task
  • Dataflow Task
  • SSIS ActiveX Script Task
  • SSIS Analysis Services DDL Task
  • SSIS Analysis Services Processing Task
  • SSIS Bulk Insert Task
  • SSIS Data Mining Query Task
  • SSIS Data Profiling Task
  • SSIS Execute DTS 2000 Package Task
  • SSIS Execute Package Task
  • SSIS Execute Process Task
  • SSIS File System Task
  • SSIS Message Queue Task
  • SSIS Script Task
  • SSIS Send Mail Task
  • SSIS Transfer Database Task
  • SSIS Transfer Logins Task
  • SSIS Transfer Master Stored Procedures Task
  • SSIS Transfer SQL Server Objects Task
  • SSIS Web Service Task
  • SSIS WMI Data Reader Task
  • SSIS WMI Event Watcher Task
  • SSIS XML Task
  • Expression Task

Note that every SSIS Task is, implicitly, an SSIS Container.

For a list of community contributed SSIS tasks please go to Community Contributed SSIS Tasks.

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