System Center 2012 Service Manager Survival Guide

System Center 2012 Service Manager Survival Guide


What is a survival guide? It is a page we created as a pointer to the best information on the web.  You can use the information below to learn the fundamentals; increase your current knowledge; or stay current on Service Manager and events.  And, if you think we missed some great article or blog post out there, please add it below!

This survival guide covers BOTH System Center 2012 - Service Manager, AND System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Service Manager.  Many links take you to topics and articles that apply the both versions, or to lead-in topics that give you a choice to drill down into one version or another.

Getting Started  

Planning and Deployment  


Operations \ Features

Authoring and PowerShell











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  • Great survival guide. Thanks for sharing.

  • "Job Aids Download for System Center 2012 – Service Manager" - do you sure about "2012"?

  • Thanks Anton... I just checked and the link is going to the 2010 version of the job aids -- the 2012 job aids will be out soon, and then I will update this guide.  For the moment I will remove the link.  Thanks for the heads up.

  • Great Guide - thanks!

  • Great Guide. Thanks Goose

    Roman - MSFT

  • Good Article.

  • Where can I find the SC Service manager error logs ?

  • Hi, could you please Change the Website for the SCSM UserGroup Germany to

    Thank you!

  • Great guide. Thanks !

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