Microsoft Anti-Virus Exclusion List

Microsoft Anti-Virus Exclusion List

One place on the web where you can find an updated list of ALL the AV exclusions you might want to configure for Windows Server. Feel free to add to the list, it is the wiki way!

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Enterprise Configuration Recommendations:


  • KB822158 Virus scanning recommendations for Enterprise computers that are running currently supported versions of Windows

Windows / Active Directory: 


Hyper-V, System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM):

Virtual PC / Virtual Server:

Forefront: Considerations when using antivirus software on FF Edge Products






Configuration Manager 2007:

Configuration Manager 2012:



Team Foundation Server 2010/2012/2013:

Dynamics CRM:  



Windows Update:

WSUS (Windows Server Update Services):



System Center:

Data Protection Manager:


Lync 2010

Lync 2013

Dynamics AX

For versions up to AX 2009 exclude:

  • All the AOD, AOI, ADD, ADI, KHD & KHI files, or
  • alternatively, the whole application folder

See for instance:


Doing this helps make sure that the files are not locked when the AOS must use them. However, if these files become infected, your antivirus software will not be able to detect the infection.


BizTalk Server

See recommendations in BizTalk performance optimization guides:

Mentioned executables used by BizTalk includes EntSSO.exe, MSDTC.exe, BTSNTSvc.exe, BTSNTSvc64.exe, SQLServr.exe, but also others as IIS, Customer WCF services, MSMQ, Rule Engine, SQL Agent, SSIS, SSNS and other applications used in integration scenarios.

Other great compilations

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  • For Service Manager 2010/2012 I would recommand the following excpetions:

    By folder exceptions:

    %programfiles%\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager 2010 or

    %programfiles%\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager 2012

    By proces exceptions:

    Microsoft.Mom.SDK.Servicehost.exe (Microsoft System Center Data Access Service)

    Microsoft.Mom.ConfigServicehost.exe (Microsoft System Center Configuration Service)

    HealthService.exe (System Center Management)

  • %programfiles%\Citrix

  • nice, thanks.

  • An Anti-virus vendor told me that, since they're using the Microsoft API's (the same used by MS Anti virus products), there is no longer a real need for exclusions. How far can I go into trusing this API implementation to avoid application crashes/problems?

  • Antivirus scanning for Outlook 2010

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