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  • Wiki Page: Directing DNS - Candidate for Deletion

    Sorry, this is a duplicate and needs to be deleted. The connection errored during the posting processes.
  • Wiki Page: SPAM 20150923_0749

  • Wiki Page: SPAM 20150922_0752

  • Wiki Page: DUPLICATE: Send Email using Sql Server

    NOTE : This article is a duplicate of: <h2>Introduction</h2> A very interesting topic of discussion. We have mail integrated to every application now a days. We integrate email using...
  • Wiki Page: DUPLICATE: Creating Android Camera App using Visual Studio 2015

    NOTE : This article is a duplicate of: Prerequisites ü Visual Studio 2015 with Cordova Tools ü BlueStack android simulator or any other simulator ü Basic knowledge of...
  • Wiki Page: SPAM [12-09-2015]

  • Wiki Page: Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager

    I was notified on Twitter that the RSS feed for my blog included draft posts. Which is not really ideal since it will contain articles that aren't really ready. I have previously written about how I moved to Sandra.Snow from Wordpress and how much I really enjoy this transition. One of the biggest...
  • Wiki Page: CSS Test

    The internet provides a rich information ecosystem powered by overlapping communities, hosts and tools. Given the myriad choices, where should you share your technical article, information nugget, video or other information asset? This article provides recommendations. Platforms This section provides...
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