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  • Wiki Page: Hyper-V 2008 R2 Virtual Machine Snapshots: FAQ

    Table of Contents What are virtual machine snapshots? What are snapshots used for? How are snapshots stored? Can I delete these pesky .avhd files? What other important considerations I should be aware of when using snapshots? I’ve taken multiple snapshots and now my virtual machine pauses automatically...
  • Wiki Page: How to Multiboot with Bitlocker, TPM, and a Non-Windows OS

    IT Pros and developers often have to dualboot their machiens for dev/test, troubleshooting, teaching or other reasons. In Windows "8" Consumer Preview, you can instead use Client Hyper-V , turn your machine into a Hyper-V host, and then use VMs. Or, you can continue to setup your machine...
  • Wiki Page: Wiki: How to Find Stuff on the TechNet Wiki

    This article is sourced from the blog post: . On the wiki, you can extend this with instructions on how to use different RSS readers, different tags, or any other useful information. Feel free to add...
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