Is there a Compare Task (from Opalis 4.2) equivalent in System Center Orchestrator 2012? RRS feed

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  • I am working in the migration of Opalis Robot 4.2 to System Center Orchestrator 2012, my sitation is as follows,

    I have a runbook with a compare task activity, in a legacy Opalis Runbook, it let me specify a return value based on the comparision result (either True or False) as seen in the following picture.

    In Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012, I have the "Equivalent" version of it, being also an activity called Compare Task but missing the whole "Return Values" section:

    My question is: Is there any documentation on this?, I've been searching over the net for the past hour and I do not seem to find proper documents to speak about this, more than two or three lines in an "Unleashed" Orchestrator book. Any reference to help me understand better how to achieve the original logic specially as a small (or big) reference on how objects have evolved from Legacy Opalis to SCOrch2012 would be deeply appreciate it since it seems I have a long road ahead "migrating" 350+ Runbooks.

    Tuesday, June 2, 2015 1:57 PM