Surface Go Data expansion options and limitations to the external SD Expansion slot. Surface Go vs. Ipad vs. Chromebook RRS feed

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  • The topic of my discussion has to do with the Hard Disk expansion options of the Surface Go. I currently own an Ipad and Chromebook.  I am a business owner and need a small device that can perform minor editing of Custom Aircraft Model photos. Since the internal memory holds 128G and an external SD Card on the Surface Go can hold a maximum of 128G, that comes to a total of 256 Gig.  Still a far cry from the 500G on many devices of today.  

    The topic of today relates to the combined storage of 256G of internal and external storage space. I read somewhere that certain apps cannot be stored on the SD Card. Which resourses should be stored on the External and which can go on the internal.  What is the best way to maximize this device.  The surface go is ideal for someone like myself that wants the best of both worlds.  The compact features of a pad, but the features of a laptop.  Whats the best way to supercharge the surface go in terms of functionality and storage? 

    Herman Bongco

    "On the Go" Business Owner

    Wednesday, April 3, 2019 2:10 AM