• General discussion

  • STEP-PROJECT aims at conducting "Sleep Therapy Experimental Program" (STEP-RESEARCH)that is an educational research program aiming at performing safe and perfectly controlled experiments  addressing to evidencing and scientifically proving of high efficiency of “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” practice.
    It is expected that step-research evaluates special training-based treatment programs addressing a wide range of mental disorders, psychological and sleep deprivations, andcardiovascular diseases.

    “STEP-RESEARCH” basic objectives:

    - Running experimental paradigms and configuring the electro-sleep observing;
    -Performing circle training and high attitude scientific experiments;

    - EEG-recording while the volunteer performs image observing visual task before falling asleep by means of Electrosleep Machine (electrotherapy stimulation) and soon after wakening.

    The innovative part of the “STEP-PROJECT” consists in creating computer software (program), mobile and web-application called “STEP-Soft” and “STEP-App”. The Javascript-based client-side applications (HTML5 Multi-resolution/ Panoramic Video, CSS 3D Transforms, WebVR or WebGL), work on home-based media smart servers web-platform infrastructure that allows end-users’ benefiting from availability of diversity of self-entertaining options and specific functionalities. 
    The major objective of “STEP-PROJECT” is to create “a global village research community” web-platform that unites life-enriching enthusiasts and dream-therapy sympathizers worldwide and that is targeting to giving the unique opportunity to the community members to enjoy using above-mentioned products together with the components of “virtually emulated reality”, or else “virtual emulated-reality”, applications and devices such as "VerQAG".

    Thursday, December 6, 2018 6:41 PM