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  • In my life I have been to many encounters where I thought omg I have killed" myself. Luckily for me . It didn't happen that way. Let me explain . One day I had went out to a burger joint, a friend of mine seen me and I didn't have a car at the time so I wasn't gonna go the other way like I usually do. So I turned and glanced and skilled. He said that he was in the area and he wanted to show me was the lived.  So I needed a ride so I said sure. So we get there and he had a tun of trash just loaded in husband and I just hop in like its ok to ride this way. Well anyway we get to his place and its not even a house it's a hotel. With roaches. I was in shock. He said he needed someone to help him pickup. So I began to help I had gloves on but when I bent down to pick up some trash that was on his couch" ouch" I poke myself with a seems to be needle". I yell at him "quick who do u know shoots needles I said is it Cindy". Cause Cindy is a friend of his that douse heroin but she has aids. He said yea that's were she sleeps". Omg...I jumped . In to action. I quickly ran to the bathroom I grabbed a razor on the way I sucked thumb were I poked my self I slit it with the razor and kept sucking it every second to keep the virus from spreading to far. At least that way I think. But any way I slit my finger grabbed peroxide and poured . It on my slit and almost . Imidiatly my skin turned white and then pink again. At that same time I felt really really week and then really really better and that's my story.
    Friday, February 22, 2019 3:51 AM