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  • I'm trying to delete some tasks from Project Server using the REST API from an SPFx webpart using the SPFx HttpClient. Here are the steps I'm taking:

    Get the project by sending GET to


    Response is 200/OK. I happen to know there is only one project there, so I use the one at

    response.json().then(responseJSON => responseJSON.value[0])

    I store the ID to use later. If the project is not checked out, I proceed to check it out by sending POST to


    Response is 200/OK.

    I then try to delete tasks, and I have tried BOTH

    Sending DELETE to


    as described here, and also sending POST to


    as described here. In BOTH cases I get back 200/OK.

    I then proceed to try to save the changes to the project by sending POST to


    Response is 200/OK. I then check in the project by sending POST to


    Response is 200/OK.

    That seems like a reasonable course of action:

    • Check out the project
    • Make changes to the draft project (deletes)
    • Update the project
    • Check in the project

    and for each of those steps the server is telling me it happened (200/OK).

    But then if I open the project in MS Project client, or get


    then the tasks I thought I deleted are still there!

    What step am I missing to get my changes to stick?

    Dylan Cristy | MCSA: Web Applications

    Thursday, November 21, 2019 9:28 PM

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  • Hi Dylan,

    Instead of simply checkin the project, try publish your changes and checkin the project, so your changes will be effected.

    Try this: after you update the project


    where "true" is force check-in.

    Rajkumar Allepu (MCP) , | ** Please mark it as answer if my answer would resolved your issue.

    Friday, November 22, 2019 12:06 AM
  • Thanks for your answer Rajkumar, but in this case it is still not working.

    I am doing

    • Check out project
    • Delete tasks from /Project('id')/Draft/Task('id')
    • Update
    • Publish
    • Wait for queue job to be 100% complete / 0 WaitMilliseconds
    • Check in project

    Again, all with response 200/OK, but the tasks I tried to delete are still there.

    Dylan Cristy | MCSA: Web Applications

    Friday, November 22, 2019 4:01 PM
  • Hi,

    The update is a method so use it like a method.


    refer the below URL for the right syntax related to update, publish and Check-in etc.. and try. 

    Rajkumar Allepu (MCP) , | ** Please mark it as answer if my answer would resolved your issue.

    Monday, November 25, 2019 10:50 AM
  • Nope, that doesn't help either.  And in any case, why should adding parentheses to make it look more like invoking a function/method make a difference?

    Since it's REST, wouldn't it be "invoked" just by hitting the endpoint?

    I mean, I can check the project out and check it back in by hitting




    without the parentheses, and in between I can positively verify that the project is in a checked out state.  So if checkout and checkin work without adding parentheses, why would update need them?

    Another example, I can add tasks by checking out the project and hitting


    without any parentheses there or having the parameters for the new task in the URL, but instead sending the parameters in the body of the request, even though the documentation here clearly shows that there is a "parameters" argument in parentheses:


    So while adding tasks, checking a project out, or checking it in, I do not add parentheses to make it seem like invoking a function, and yet it works.  So I don't think it's as simple as saying I need to add parentheses to the update call.

    Dylan Cristy | MCSA: Web Applications

    Monday, November 25, 2019 3:57 PM