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  • ERROR - A Volume Shadow Copy Service operation error has
    occurred: (0x800423f4)
    The writer experienced a non-transient error.  If the backup process is retried,
    the error is likely to reoccur.

    Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine IVssAsrWriterBackup::GetAsrMetadata.  hr = 0x80070032, The request is not supported.
       PrepareForBackup event
       Execution Context: ASR Writer
       Execution Context: Writer
       Writer Class Id: {be000cbe-11fe-4426-9c58-531aa6355fc4}
       Writer Name: ASR Writer
       Writer Instance ID: {00d92001-e54f-478b-b068-fb6587e455d9}

    Error-specific details:
       ASR Writer: The request is not supported. (0x80070032)

    Writer name: 'ASR Writer'
       Writer Id: {be000cbe-11fe-4426-9c58-531aa6355fc4}
       Writer Instance Id: {fab745f3-07e9-4867-80b3-8fbacf106886}
       State: [1] Stable
       Last error: No error

    Should i post this somewhere else?

    I have restored my c drive from a backup created before the problem started and tried to run backup again but it failed with the same vss error

    A clean install fixed the problem but then there were windows updates that re introduced the error so I have reverted to a backup of the machine after the clean install and before the windows updates and I have opted to pause update for 7 days and posted in the Feedback Hub about this issue

    Mark Carroll

    Sunday, September 15, 2019 7:41 AM

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  • The problem was that Hyper-V was not enabled in my system. the problem is fixed now!

    Mark Carroll

    Tuesday, September 17, 2019 4:15 AM