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  • Since upgrading to autorunsc/autorunsc64 version 13.90 I am experiencing consistent crashes when attempting to process logon startups.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Run autorunsc.exe and have it process logon startups (-a l)

    What happens:

    autorunsc sends no output, and no errors are sent to the console.

    Why I think it is crashing when processing logon startups:

    Running autorunsc with all options *except* "l" does not cause it to crash.

    autorunsc.exe -s -m -a bcdeghikmnoprstw

    I am not allowed to post links, if someone could allow me to I will post a full crash dump and an example WER file.
    Saturday, July 28, 2018 11:51 PM

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  • I've documented crash details/dumps in another Autoruns TechNet thread while helping a user troubleshoot a symptom of this.

    Based on some variance between my results and what was reported by another user, I assumed the bug was not the result of a specific ASEP having an issue. However, I'll check this and report back.


    UPDATE: I ran autorunsc.exe v13.90 with -a bcdeghikmnoprstw (no "l"/logon startups). I can confirm that autorunsc.exe will not crash/generate an error report when login startups are excluded. With this considered, it seems almost certain there is an issue with the logon ASEP parsing/reporting.

    Tuesday, August 7, 2018 9:10 PM
  • Mark & Luke just pushed Autoruns v13.91 to which resolves this issue :)
    Wednesday, August 8, 2018 2:33 AM