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  • Hello Technet,

    We are a danish business that use Bing Ads a lot for our business.

    We have been very happy to use this, but we have some problems logging in to our accounts. 

    We are live in 18 countries and have made an account for each country to split up the ads spend and get the best overview.

    We've created:





    A lot of our accounts we can't access. The problem occur when:

    1) We go Bing Ads to login

    2) We insert mail + password and then get a error message saying: "Your account is temporary stopped"

    3) We need to vertify ourself with SMS

    4) We insert our phonenumber and then get the error that our "Spending limit" is reached. I think they mean too many SMS or something like that.

    5) We can't do anything.

    Our Bing Ads still run, but we can't do anything. We can't stop the ads, make new payments to get them running again, optmize etc. A big problem for us.

    We have contacted Bing Ads Support and they say it is a Microsoft Support issue. Microsoft Support can't answer why it give this error message and have not seen this before. They asked me to try Technet were the experts were :-)

    I really hope someone know what we can do to access our profiles again.

    I've tried to attach pictures, but I could not because it says my account are not vertfied. You can see pictures here:

    1) http://d.pr/i/btbZpp 

    2) http://d.pr/i/T9uAa


    Søren, Denmark

    Friday, June 23, 2017 11:31 AM