How to create a Computer record in AD and SCCM that will merge into ONE record in a supported way in Current Branch RRS feed

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    In SCCM2012 pre SP1 SCCM did merge records from AD and the importmachineentry method based on Netbios Name. 
    With SP1 MS removed that and did not provide a working way to have the records merge.

    The problem is that an AD system discover record and a importmachineentry nowdays doesn't contain a common value that isclassed as unique in SCCM and therefore the records doesn't merge. 

    The simple fix for MS would have been to have added a flag to importmachineentry to force merge on NetbiosName for us that needs it or make the importmachineentry accept DNSHostname and merge on that or even distinguishedname

    Unfortunally MS didn't want to fix the regression issue their Servicepack caused, instead they stated that smsresgen could solve the problem and therefore there was no reason to do anything about the problem casued. Sad to say SMSresgen can't solve the problem. It can create a ddr and if you create the computer in AD first and collect the SID of the computer and include that into the call to SMSresgen then the two DDR:s vill merge. However there was one small Issue with this approach - SMSResgen can't create an OSD capable record. 

    So therefore we had to do a workaround on the workaround. As long as the SMSResgen contains the netbios name and the macaddress you can get that record to merge with a record created through importmachineentry as long as that record has the same Mac and Netbiosname. Since importmachineentry do create OSD capable records we now have a Record that will work and wont be duplicated.

    Complicated? Yes, Prone to bugs and failure due o many dependencies? Yes. 

    Therefore I'm asking for a supported method in Currentbranch that will create a DDR that will merge with the DDR from an AD system discovery.

    Wednesday, September 14, 2016 11:19 AM


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