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  • I know there is another post on here that is from 2012 asking a very similar question but I'm just wondering if now that it's 2017 and we have Orchestrator 2016 there is anything new in the area of being able to create a brand new runbook programmatically, preferably through PowerShell. I have been all through the COM interface using this article as a basis:

    But I don't see anything in there that could lead to creating a new runbook.

    I have also been through the webservice using this as a base:

    I have examined the web service extensively and although there are methods in there that look like you could create a runbook (CreateRunbook) and possibly add a runbook to the context (Context.AddToRunbooks) you cannot save any changes.

    Can anyone point me to any more resources on the matter?

    I am about to start capturing SQL traces when creating a new runbook so I can attempt it at that level, yes unsupported, but in this case much better than nothing.

    The reason we need this so badly is that we receive 2 to 3 requests a week for new service offerings in Service Manager and almost all of them involve a corresponding runbook. We want to automate the creation of the runbook, rubook template, SR template, service offering, etc. which will significantly speed up our process. But everything hinges on being able to create a new runbook programmatically.


    Wednesday, October 4, 2017 7:42 PM


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