Cannot check-out GPO RRS feed

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  • Lately there is one GPO we have which we are unable to checkout. We get the following error:

    The overall error was: Check Out operation failed. There is a naming violation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80072037)

    I have enabled all logging on the server side and all I get is this:

    • 2019-09-12 17:42:39:7194627 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] Entering IAgpmServer.SendMessage() 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:7194627 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Info] IAgpmMessage.Id = cd38c307-b065-482c-8e09-69f6719e9801 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:7194627 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Info] IAgpmMessage.Type = LegacyMessage 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:7194627 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Info] Client SID =  
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:7194627 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Info] Server SID = 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:7194627 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] Entering AgpmMessageType.LegacyMessage 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:7194627 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] Entering IAgpmServer.ProcessLegacyMessage(). 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:7194627 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose]    IGPOVCollection found in message. 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:7194627 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] Entering IAgpmServer.DispatchMessages(). 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:7194627 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] doGpoLevelAccessCheck(): Acquired reader lock 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:7350676 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] CheckOutGPO(): Acquired writer lock 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:9069176 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] Entering GetProductionGPOSecurityDescriptorInternal(). 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:9069176 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] GetProductionGPOSecurityDescriptorInternal(): Acquired reader lock 
      2019-09-12 17:42:39:9225405 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] Leaving GetProductionGPOSecurityDescriptorInternal(). 
      2019-09-12 17:42:40:7819 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Error] [] GPO:{F-6-6-8-D} Msg:Check Out operation failed. System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80072037): There is a naming violation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80072037)
         at Microsoft.Agpm.GroupPolicy.Interop.GPMResultClass.OverallStatus()
         at Microsoft.Agpm.AgpmServer.checkOutGPO(IGPOVMessage msg, String strUserSid, GPOVResult& msgResult)
      2019-09-12 17:42:40:7975486 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] CheckOutGPO(): Released writer lock 
      2019-09-12 17:42:41:0856689 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] Leaving IAgpmServer.DispatchMessages(). 
      2019-09-12 17:42:41:0856689 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] Leaving IAgpmServer.ProcessLegacyMessage(). 
      2019-09-12 17:42:41:0856689 [pid=2304,tid=43] [Verbose] Leaving IAgpmServer.SendMessage(). 

    I can do other operations with this GPO such as:

    • Import from production
    • Rename
    • Deploy
    • etc.

    Just this specific action of checking-out doesn't work.

    I think the problem started right about the time that I did an "Import current from production".

    Any ideas what the issue is and/or how to solve it?



    BTW - should I need to delete this GPO and re-import/recreate it) - is there any way to export the history of this GPO so that it can be seen again?

    Thursday, September 12, 2019 2:48 PM