“DOSAVET” Project: Brain-control computer interface RRS feed

  • General discussion

  • DOSAVET” Project (or  DOSAVET-Project) aims at managing combining BCCI (Brain- Control Computer Interface) technology with the virtual emulated-reality intelligent-agent system networks (e.g. ICON) allowing computers and smart devices remotely interacting with end-users’ components. 

    Brain-control computer interface in comparison  with brain-computer interface (BCI) offers more "self-healing through self-entertaining" benefits and goals-achieving training-based practices addressed to playing video-games and interacting with 3D virtual emulated-reality environments. BCCI  also offers a new means of behavioral neurosciences applications.

     “DOSAVET” Project is partially focused on formation and formatting  online real-time bio-signal brainwaves patterns processing library and developing new approach to non-invasive Feedback Brain Control and Stimulation methods based on –

    (a)  exploiting end-user’s component of brainwaves control EEG-TMS-feedback interface and receiving digital trigger input information and send stimulation patterns to external vibro-tactile stimulators such as for instance, “Knack Touch” Communicator;
    (b) eye-movement tracking and image processing algorithms conditioned on red and cyan/blue light sources illuminating correspondingly left and right eye and providing a reflection, been  captured with a camera, from each eye surface;
    (c)  analyzing emotions and memory tasks performing physiology-based activity.

    Thursday, December 6, 2018 6:40 PM