Dart Locksmith logging? RRS feed

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  • When I first looked into using DART, I was under the impression that locksmith (or the DART tool itself) had the ability to LOG its usage. I could have swarn that I read articles on it but I can't seem to find any relevant info so I figured I would ask the question here and see if anyone else has any knowledge on the topic.

    Scenario: System has fallen off the domain and the only local account password is unkown

    1. Tech boots up DART on a host having password problems and launches locksmith.
    2. Tech uses locksmith to reset password.
    3. System reboots and tech logs back into host OS and corrects the problem.

     * I would like to be able to see in the eventlog when DART has been used.

    Does DART/Locksmith have a native option to create an event log entry on the host system that the password is being reset on?

    I've thought of a few ways I could do this manually but before I went down that path, I wanted to verify if there was no other built-in,native way to do it.



    Tuesday, March 5, 2019 9:48 PM