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    I have a laptop where primary HDD has been encrypted using bitlocker, based on TPM. There was a problem with mainboard and was replaced by support, but there was a problem with running old disk on new mainboard - TPM has been turned off/disabled and option in BIOS was inactive. I had Bitlocker password saved so I took the disk out from computer and connected to another computer using USB-SATA bridge, entered a recovery password and data has been accessible. I decided to decrypt the disk and during decryprion process (when it was on 12%) power supply of this USB-SATA bridge had a failure and decryption process was interrupted. I connected this disk again, now I opened the desktop and plugged HDD directly, but...

    On Control Panel -> BitLocker Drive Encryption I see a status that BL for this drive is on but I see a symbol of padlock, and there is only option available "Unlock Volume", but when I clicked it error message appeared:

    Error recoveing disk E: BitLocker protection is disabled.

    From commandline when used "manage-bde -status" command I can see that:

        Size:                 Unknown GB
        Conversion Status:    Unknown
        Percentage Encrypted: Unknown%
        Encryption Method:    AES 128 with Diffuser
        Protection Status:    Protection Off
        Lock Status:          Locked
        Automatic Unlock:     Enabled
        Key Protectors:
            Numerical Password
            External Key
            External Key (Required for automatic unlock)

    but when tried unlock it:

    ERROR: The password failed to unlock volume E:. (code 0x1)
    Unknown runtime error

    Please help - some important files are located on this disk

    Best Regards


    Friday, September 24, 2010 3:29 PM