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  • Hopefully you guys can help me out. Computers goes into a black screen and stays there once sysprep is finished. I need to perform a hard reset and then it will resume the operation. What could be causing this issue? I;ve looked in the video drivers (factory installed when I install win 8.1), LAN driver is also default. I was not getting this issue in the past and it is driving me nuts because before everything would go smoothly.

    Also, sometime, the image will stay on "getting ready" and it does not move from there. I've let it go for days at ends and still getting ready. If I perform a hard reset and turn back on, will get an error.

    I've checked my XML file several times and can't seem to find the issue.

    All help will be greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.


    Monday, December 22, 2014 9:11 PM



    I am wondering if you got a black screen when running sysprep, and how did you capture your image after you had restarted your PC. Besides, We are curious about if the sysprep process finished properly.

    Depending on where your deployment is failing, it could be caused by device or device driver, or it could be an issue with a domain rejoined a circulation constantly in enterprise environment. So make sure you have unplugged the USB device during the installation and we may check the logs. Since it appears that your deployment is failing during the “getting ready”, you need to check the setuperr.log file and seupact.log which can be typically found in the C:\Windows\Panther directory. More information about showing the black screen during sysprep is on the log in C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\ location, where typically contains log information about setup actions and errors during sysprep process.

    By the way, is your deployment in an enterprise environment?

    About the system hanging on “getting ready”, it usually caused by a domain joins a circulation in enterprise environment and PersistAllDeviceInstalls.

    Therefore, you could follow steps below to solve the issues.

    1. Please turn to the Windows setup log setupact.log which is found in C:\Windows\Panther\UnattendGC.  
    2. Find out if it keep on retrying to join the domain. It will cause a stuck deployment at the “Getting ready” stage when deploying Windows 8.1 at a customer site the other day.

    In previous case:

    2014-03-14 10:48:23, Warning                      [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended Join: DsGetDcName failed: 0x54b, last error is 0x0, will retry in 10 seconds...


    That particular problem was caused by the fact that the domain name to be joined did not enter as a FQDN in the task sequence.

    Note there might be other causes of failing to join domain, but if your Windows 8.1 installation hangs at “Getting ready”, examine the setupact.log and find the root cause.      

    In addition, avoid using the PersistAllDeviceInstalls setting, when the hardware and the hardware configuration on the reference computer are not identical to the destination computers. Even seemingly minor changes to the hardware or hardware configuration can cause severe or easily overlooked problems.

    For more information of PersistAllDeviceInstalls, you could refer to the link below:


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