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    I've seen this question here before, but haven't found much of an answer yet. How can you use the /audit pass and *still* join a machine to the domain?


    Technet says it should be possible: "If you use sysprep /audit to boot to audit mode, the computer will be removed from a domain. You must rejoin the computer to a domain in audit Mode." 


    Found here: bottom of page, but I assume they're wrong as no one has been able to show how.


    Which leads to the conclusion that if you're using /audit mode, no matter how nicely you joined your machine to a domain, it will be removed from it. This only leaves the oobeSystem pass in the unattend.xml to rejoin it to a domain, possibly with a script or some other command added to a SynchronousCommand.


    Has anyone managed to do this, and if so how?




    Remco Jansen,

    ICT Desktopmanagement.

    Leiden University Medical Center.

    The Netherlands.

    Tuesday, October 16, 2007 2:32 PM