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  • I have a hidden boot volume that's not allowing me to do a clean install of windows 10.  I have 1 hard drive and 2 cd/dvd drives in my pc. In diskpart it shows:

    list disk

    disk #   status     size     free          dyn     gpt

    Disk 0   online   1863GB  1863GB                  *

    list volume

    vol#          Ltr          Label           fs       type       size           status       info

    VOL 0          D          DVD_ROM    UDF   DVD-ROM  1024MB  HEALTHY

    VOL 1          E                                      DVD-ROM        0B     NO MEDIA

    After I cleaned all in Diskpart and converted disk to gpt then booted with a windows pe active boot cd I downloaded it still showed this in the partition manager program:

    Fixed Disk
    • WDC
    • WD20EZRZ...             1.82 Unallocated Space
    • GPT (Basic)
    • 1.82 TB

    CDRom Disk

    • 1265V                     DVD _ROM (D:)
    • ONE (Basic)             1.0GB Primary UDF      ****ACTIVE PARTITION???
    • 1.00GB

    CDRom Disk

    • GH15F                        DEVICE NOT READY
    • ONE (Basic)
    • 0 bytes

    Fixed Disk

    • RAW (Basic)                Boot (X:)
    • 3.02MB                       3.02 MB Primary NTFS

    Its Capacity says 3.02mb but the max size it can get is 8.00EB.  I am able to see the contents in it but am unable to modify or delete.  I am able to install windows 10 pro 64bit but after a few reboots I notice the drivers and apps made specifically for my laptop are no longer installed.  My version of windows downgrades to 32bit (which won't allow me to try to upgrade it again to 64bit or download the Windows updates for 64bit).  Its not an accident because I have 2 desktops that do the exact same thing.  Please help!!!

    Monday, May 15, 2017 9:37 PM

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  • Hi KAMZ37,

    According to the result you provide, virtual boot volume doesn’t display by using diskpart command.

    Could you find it in disk management?

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    Thursday, May 25, 2017 12:29 PM